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Appture Pay for Wordpress


Payment Gateway

Accept credit and cheque card payments from users across the globe.


Woocommerce Subscriptions

Our Wordpress plugin supports the Woocommerce Subscriptions add-on.


Shipping Quotes

Get shipping quotes in checkout.


Courier Dispatch

Dispatch the courier directly from your WooCommerce site.

How to Setup the Plugin

  1. Download and install the Appture Pay plugin
    (Not sure how to do this? Check this guide: How to Install a WordPress Plugin)
  2. Click on the Appture Pay menu tab in the WordPress Admin Menu
  3. Copy the Url under step 3.1. to Notepad or keep it in your Clipboard
  4. Now, head over to and create an Appture Pay account, if you have not done so.
    You will automatically be signed in after the account has been created.
  5. On your Appture Pay account dashboard, notice the Getting Started block
    Complete all 4 steps for the Account Setup and the first step under Integration (1. API Client set-up)
  6. For the API Client set-up:
    1. Fill in a name
    2. Click on the generate () icon for the Identifier field and copy it into Notepad
      This is your Client Identifier.
    3. Click on the generate () icon for the Secret field and copy it into Notepad
      This is your Client Secret.
    4. Paste the Url previously copied from your WordPress site into all 6 of the Uri fields (for both Live and Sandbox modes, unless you are using a different site for testing)
    5. Keep the Sandbox Mode checkbox checked for your initial tests before going Live
    6. Click on Save
  7. Now, head back to your WordPress site where you still have the Appture Pay Settings page open
  8. Paste both the Client Identifier and Client Secret into the corresponding fields
  9. Click on Save Changes

Enabling the Appture Pay Courier

  1. Open the WooCommerce -> Settings -> Shipping tab
    Notice the Appture Pay Courier link and click on it
  2. Enable the Appture Pay Courier by ticking the Enable/Disable checkbox and click Save Changes
  3. You should now have Shipping options available in the shopping cart

Enabling the Appture Pay Gateway

  1. Open the WooCommerce -> Settings -> Payments tab
  2. Flip the Enabled switch to enable the gateway
  3. You should now have the Appture Pay payment option available on your checkout page