Recurring Payments


Allow your customers to subscribe at a monthly subscription fee. Recurring payments are initiated via our Payment Gateway. Your customers are automatically notified when a next payment is due or when their payment method is about to expire. As merchant you can easily manage (pause, cancel, charge cancellation fee, etc.) your recurring payments.

Woocommerce Subscriptions

Our Wordpress plugin supports Woocommerce's Subscriptions add-on. Manage your subscriptions directly from Woocommerce so you can stay where you are comfortable.


Recurring payment links

Payment links can easily be shared via email or messaging apps. Links are quick to generate and don't expire. Clients are receive debit reminders and Merchants are notified via email of payment success. Clients can also manage their Credit Cards and are reminded to update cards that are about to expire.


Custom integration

Make use of our secure API to manage recurring payments for any custom built cloud solution.

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